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Dear Boulder Community,

For over 20 years, the mission of The Academy has been to provide a safe, nurturing, and dynamic community for our residents and staff as well as be a caring and contributing member of Boulder.  As we find ourselves confronted with the realities of COVID-19, this mission of supporting the wellbeing of our residents and community has required us to implement important protocols.  In this we have been guided by the CDC, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Boulder Office of Emergency Management.  These protocols include:

All nonessential personnel are currently restricted from The Academy campus.

All essential personnel are being screened.  This screening process involves filling out a questionnaire prior to coming on campus that ensures that he/she has not traveled by public transportation in the last 14 days, has not been knowingly exposed to someone presenting with COVID-19 symptoms, and has not been in Eagle, Summit, Pitkin, or Gunnison counties in the past week.  In addition, essential personnel will have his/her temperature taken upon arrival at The Academy.

Essential tasks include consistent wiping down of all surfaces with disinfectant, and practicing vigilance with handwashing, social distancing, and cough-covering.

All nonessential, resident group activities have been curtailed until further notice.

Though we regret the inconvenience of these steps, nothing matters more than the health of our residents and staff.  In this we know we are not alone and stand in solidarity with all who are committed to and engaged with ensuring personal and community health.

We are so grateful to our staff for their care of our residents and grateful as well for all those personnel who find themselves on the frontline of combating this virus.  Thanks to our residents for their cooperation in the task of keeping all of us healthy.  Thank you one and all, Boulder!  Please take care of yourselves.  And let us all keep up to date with the facts and best practices for flattening the curve of COVID-19.

Be well.  Stay well!

Gary Berg
Managing Partner, Academy Boulder

Isa Down RN
Director of Health Services, Academy Boulder







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