COVID – 19

Academy Boulder takes COVID-19 seriously.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Academy Boulder has followed with vigilance all COVID-19 Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment protocols as well as those of Boulder County Public Health.  At the same time, we have been committed to the well being of our residents and staff in every way possible.  It’s quite a work, one always in process!

Knowing that our best defense was to be vaccinated, as soon as we were able, all residents and employees of Academy Boulder got vaccinated.  For months, we continued to test weekly for COVID-19 to ensure that as a community we were COVID-19 free.  As allowed by CDPHE and BCPH, we creatively followed the guidelines while slowly – little by little – returning to as normal community life as was possible.

And here we are!  We love that we can again welcome visitors and guests (those who are fully vaccinated) into our community and together enjoy all the wonderful offerings of an Academy summer.  Though the recent Delta variant has resulted in again donning masks inside the buildings, the fact that we are a fully vaccinated community allows our residents to continue to enjoy communal dining and a robust community life.

We are so grateful to all our residents and staff for their amazing cooperation during the pandemic in following all guidelines and efforts to get vaccinated and to be safe.  Well done, Academy.  Yeah!