Academy Boulder brings 20+ years of experience in creating communities of grace and excellence.

Our Mission

We are creating a place of warm hospitality, beautiful and distinctive surroundings, elevated lifestyle, and personal choice.


We paid attention over the years to what supports health and wellbeing for an individual and for a community.

As most great things do, Academy Boulder began as a vision…

Thirty years ago, the owners of Academy were looking for the perfect place in Boulder for their parents to retire to, and not finding what they wanted, decided to create it. Owner Gary Berg would tell you they didn’t know what they were doing, but really, they did, because love and knowing what you want are pretty good organizing principles. They started with a place — the campus of a historic Catholic boarding school, Mount St. Gertrude, in a lovely neighborhood near Chautauqua — and a purpose — to create the best retirement community in Colorado. In 1998, Academy opened its doors, and today is the much-loved home of its 65 residents. We learned a lot in those 20+ years, and the legacy we hope to bring forward to Academy Mapleton are the values we structure Academy life around today: hospitality, wellness, and community. The Academy is a place of welcome and warmth and well-wishing. It is a place designed to support an individual’s lifestyle in all its parts — physical and intellectual, emotional and social. We discovered there is no one size fits all. Wellbeing, like life, is personal. Finally, Academy is a place of community, where a sense of belonging and connection is resourced, cultivated, and celebrated for the benefit of all, residents, families, and staff. Throw into the mix an insistence on excellence and attention to detail, welcome to Academy Boulder!