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At Bella Vista we offer a level of care that is only possible in a small setting.  With three caregivers for ten residents, we give individual attention that promotes our residents’ strengths and abilities.  There are many opportunities daily for our residents to interact one-on-one with our caregivers and engage in activities that happen ‘in the moment’.  We are committed to nurturing and empowering our residents and providing the highest level of personal service.   Since we’re a home, residents can participate in the affirming rituals of daily life, such as baking, preparing and serving meals, and gardening.

Because of our small size, our caregivers develop a personal relationship with each resident.  Regular seminars and trainings provide our caregivers with the support and education they need to give first-rate, innovative care.

Ongoing day-to-day communication with families is a part of life here – family members enjoy spending time at Bella Vista and coming to our weekly social hours, summer barbeques and holiday celebrations.  We also have regular family meetings and care conferences to make sure we are meeting our residents’ needs.