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The Academy is what it is, in large part, because of the extraordinary people who live and work here. Every community has its own personality that emerges from the collective vision and identities of all those who are a part of it.

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For the residents of The Academy, it is the revelation that all aspects of life here play an integral role in the process of establishing a true sense of community.

Meet John

Academy Resident Since 2013

I love The Academy – its beauty, its setting, its staff, its residents.  Really?  To be a part of this place?  It is my second home, a grand community to be a part of.

Meet Shirley

Executive Director, 2006 - Present

The Academy is…a charming setting…a caring community…where we found new friends…where dining couldn’t be finer…a perfect environment of goodwill, comfort and convenience.

Meet Michael & Carlyn

Academy Residents

I love working here. This is a wonderful community. Residents and staff click together like cake & ice cream.

Meet Jodi

Receptionist, 2005 - Present

Living at The Academy is like being on vacation.

Meet Donna

Academy Resident Since 2010

This is a special place.  I never get tired of showing it off.

Meet Jim

Operations Director, 1998 - Present

We are all individuals who despite our differences come together as a family, and that makes us feel that we belong.

Meet Guy

Executive Chef, 2009 - Present

Everyone knows everyone here. Residents are intelligent, respectful and welcoming of each other and the staff giving The Academy a friendly neighborhood feel.

Meet Michelle

Personal Trainer, 2010 - Present

The service and food are excellent and the companionship of the fellow members makes for a very pleasant social life.

Meet Harry

Academy Resident, 2008 - Present